New York Part Three: Squirrels, Natural History and Wall St

Eventually I settled well into dealing with being by myself in another country, and a lot of that was due to the constant exploring I did everyday and the many places that I could visit! Whilst walking through Washington Square park I saw my first Squirrels!! I was super happy as we don’t have these in Australia and they were just as adorable as I thought they would be. I took the time to check out some of the more iconic New York destinations such as Wall St, the Charging Bull statue, the Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 Monument.

That night I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway which was super fun. The next day I went out to the Museum of Natural History, which really made me realise how much I would prefer working in a zoo rather than a museum. I also got my first chance to see Central Park which is just absolutely MASSIVE! I’ve got some photos from Central Park Zoo which I’ll post up soon, but it was a super fun, but little zoo!

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