Lemur Island, Melbourne Zoo

I love heading out to Melbourne Zoo to wander through the exhibits and gardens, taking photos along the way. In 2013, Melbourne zoo remodelled their Lemur exhibit and opened up Lemur Island, an area where you can get up close and personal with these cheeky and quirky critters. It’s a great place to spend some time just watching the little community of Lemurs mingle around you. If you get the chance to be there around the time keepers are feeding them, you really get to see their personalities come out! The zoo is a great place to just be in the moment and unwind, a little piece of serenity in an otherwise busy area. Animals also live completely in the moment, which is something we can probably learn from them!

Where? Melbourne Zoo, Parkville, Victoria
When? Open 9am – 5pm, 365 days a year!
More info? Head to zoo.org.au 

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