Discover: Floral and Landscape Photography (How I keep myself occupied)

Some days it’s hard to sit down and write, today is one of those days, so there are lots of pretty pictures for you to look at whilst I try and extract some information from my brain. For a while now I’ve had an interest in photography,  a lot of my photography work thus far has been with animals, mostly dogs and cats at the shelters / pounds I’ve worked at.

In my second semester of Uni for the year I began to develop an enjoyment in floral photography. I took a class called “Plant Diversity and Ecology” in which there was a photo competition running for the best photos at the end of the semester.

On our mid semester field trip out to Natimuk, near Horsham in Victoria, I captured a lot of my images of some of the native plant species, including orchids, growing in the area. Taking photos of plants is much easier than animals, because they don’t try and run away from you!

E has recommended that I try and get more actively into pursuing hobbies, such as photography, in order to start meeting new people with common interests and to be a bit more active in the things I enjoy.

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