Art imitating life: Crazy Ex Girlfriend and A Diagnosis

JB sent me a link earlier this week to a new clip from ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’, it’s a song from the newest season called ‘A Diagnosis’. Watching the clip I was like, woah, this is where I am at right now. just getting a diagnosis and feeling like I can start to make sense of everything.

What was even more interesting in this little clip was that in the end Rebecca, the main character, has also been diagnosed with BPD. Talk about a weird case of art imitating life!

After reading a bit more about the story arc that led to this event, I was interested to discover that the writers never intended to write this in, rather were focussing more on the character. They consulted with a psychologist who identified that, although there could be a number of different diagnoses, the character displays all nine diagnostic criteria for BPD.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, as media portrayals of BPD are not always well received, and personally I appreciate that it took them some time to come to it, instead of diagnosing the character at the beginning as it allows viewers to create their own views of the character first without being tarnished by the attached stigma of BPD.

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